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44. Internationales Jazzfestival Bern

Während des Internationalen Jazzfestivals Bern treten in über 200 Einzelkonzerten in dem sehr persönlichen Rahmen des Marians Jazzroom internationale Musiker auf, die ganz offensichtlich zur Weltklasse zählen.

Musikstudenten aus der Schweiz und New York erhalten im Jazzzelt eine Plattform für erste Bühnenerfahrungen. Das Festival ist in der Schweiz fest etabliert. Es wird jährlich von mehr als 30'000 Jazzfreunden besucht.

19. - 23. März 2019

WALTER "WOLFMAN" WASHINGTON: DIE Funk, Soul, Blues und R&B Ikone aus New Orleans.

Interview der Woche

1. Walter, what does Jazz mean to you?
Jazz is more of an elevation of the language of music; like going to college in the musical world. It's an elegant style of music, a sophisticated expression of a musical thought.

2. You've been in the music business for quite a while. During this time - what has changed for you personally?
I have gotten to a place where I feel confident in how I play my music. I feel relaxed with my personal style, that I have reached a level of understanding in my music that allows me to express myself with confidence.

3. How many weeks a year are you on tour - and away from home?
In the past few years I find myself away from home from ten to twelve weeks, but since my partner travels with me it's not as difficult as it once was. In my early years it was much more. Some years I was away from home almost all the time. Now I play in and around New Orleans most of the time.

4. What is your relationship to Switzerland in general - and to Berne in particular?
I was based in Switzerland for nearly five years in the late 80's with my band the Roadmasters, in Berne, so it has lots of memories. We're looking forward to coming back, and there are three of us who were in that original band!


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